Welcome to Exeter, Rhode Island

Ever have thoughts of leaving the city life behind for the simple country life? If peace and quiet is what your heartdesires most, look no further than the charming little town of Exeter, Rhode Island. With a total area of less than 60 square miles and fewer than 7,000 residents, Exeter is one of the more serene areas in the state.

One of the perks of living within a small, rural community is the safety that comes with it. Exeter boasts low crime rates and a very low population density. With some of the best public schools and safest neighborhoods in Rhode Island, you’ll find that the town of Exeter is one of the most ideal places to build a family.

Arcadia State Park, Exeter, Rhode Island

Arcadia State Park, Exeter, Rhode Island

Exeter is country living at its finest, but it is located within close proximity to the more suburban and urban areas of Rhode Island as well. While Exeter is synonymous with New England countryside, farms, and forests, the town also neighbors the beautiful beaches of North Kingstown. With just a 15-minute drive, you can enjoy a sunny afternoon digging your toes into the sand or kayaking in one of the multiple harbors. For the rare moments when you might miss a lively city environment, Providence and Warwick are both less than a 30-minute drive away.

Family-owned restaurants and breweries are mainstays of Exeter’s close-knit community, with comfort-food favorites that include Homestead Restaurant and Tilted Barn Brewery.

In addition to its delicious food, Exeter has an incredibly rich history for such a small town. Tomequag Museum is the only solely Native American museum in all of Rhode Island and offers an immersive, educational experience from a first-person perspective. Visitors can take exclusive private or group tours, participate in classes and workshops, and even commit to youth and adult programs that engage the community and educate them about our nation’s indigenous culture!

Although quaint and quiet, Exeter manages to have moments of excitement. The town is home to Yawgoo Valley Ski Area & Water Park, the only ski resort in Rhode Island and one of the most southernmost skiing areas in all of New England. Whether you’re booking lessons for your kids or looking to spend a frigid weekend on the slopes, Yawgoo provides the full winter wonderland experience for the whole family!

For all four New England seasons and an escape from the clamor of urban life, Exeter is the perfect little place to call home!

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