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A Rhode Island native, John has a comprehensive knowledge of the Rhode Island Real Estate market. This knowledge allows him to instinctively match clients with the ideal property search! His extensive marketing network, experience, and reach give you the opportunity to sell your home in a relatively short time on the market.

Want a skilled negotiator and communicator on your side? John’s experience helping buyers and sellers throughout Rhode Island, as well as negotiating deals in the business world, give him the advantage you want when it comes to a successful real estate transaction.

Ready to buy or sell? John’s lifetime of experience, business acumen and dedication to mentoring, coaching, and leading others achieve success gives you the valuable resource.  His professional  achievements include:

●      Former President/CEO of Conneaut Industries headquartered in Rhode Island.
●      Founding and managing one of the state’s most beloved gyms, which he later sold.
●      Successfully negotiating multimillion-dollar Real Estate business transactions.
●      Helping clients sell quickly, over asking price.
●      Working with numerous home buyers throughout all phases of the real estate processes. Council Vice President First Lutheran Church in East Greenwich RI. Knights of Columbus.

Humble Beginnings

It’s been said that adversity,  burning desire, and determination is the foundation of success. That those individuals who face seemingly insurmountable challenges with enduring faith, patience and focus will ultimately succeed in life!

The odds were stacked against John P. Santos.  At only six months old, his mother placed him in a basket and left him in a state institution for unwanted children and remained there for 14 years.  He spent his childhood and early teenage years moving from one group home to the next in Rhode Island.

Knockin’ On The Door of Opportunity

At 15,  John decided to quit school in the 8th grade and stepped out of the group home in search of honest work. Snow Shovel in hand, he trudged around his snowy neighborhood, knocking on doors, offering to shovel his neighbors’ driveways.

One of the first neighbors to take John up on his offer was Mr. Banfield.  A busy executive, he was glad to offload the chore to John. When John finished, he thanked Mr. Banfield for the opportunity to work.  Impressed not only by John’s entrepreneurial spirit but the quality and efficiency of his hard work, From that day forward Mr. Banfield began to hire John on a regular basis.

At 18,  John volunteered for the draft and entered the U.S. Army, serving honorably in Vietnam. Throughout his deployment, John kept in touch with Mr. Banfield. When he returned from active military duty he got his G.E.D. and went on to the University of Rhode Island to study business, management, communication skills, and finance.

Shortly after that, Mr. Banfield offered John a position at his manufacturing company. True to the trajectory of his life, John worked his way up from the bottom of the organization. Forty-four years later he retired as the President/ CEO of the company.

John’s unrelenting discipline and intense drive, along with his integrity, faith, and commitment to his values, continue to give him the leading edge in real estate and life.


The foundation stones for a balanced success are
honesty, character, integrity, faith, love, and loyalty.
Zig Ziglar


Expert  Representation, Unparalleled Loyalty.

Now you can engage John P. Santos, Keller Williams real estate professional and one of Rhode Island’s influential business leaders, expertise, dedication, and relentless passion to work for you.

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The Top Mistake Most Buyers & Sellers Make and How To Avoid It.

Let’s face the facts. Rhode Island has many real estate agents. If you’re like many home buyers and sellers, you often select the agent closest to you, perhaps a family member or a friend. Often, this extremely well-intentioned decision leads to more challenges than you ever could imagine.
If you’ve made this mistake in the past, it’s not your fault. It’s not only natural to want to hire a Realtor you know, but it also demonstrates loyalty - an admirable quality.  Chances are though if you’ve chosen an agent simply because they’re a friend or a family member, you may not get the best representation to sell or buy your property.

Fact: The agent you select will make or break your transaction.

Partnering with the right agent is crucial. Measure your agent not only on the relationship you have with them but on a combination of the following factors:

1: Professional experience: look for a combination of expertise in business, real estate, and leadership skills.  Negotiating skills and Communication skills,  your agent should be confident, decisive and experienced in closing deals of all sizes, whether in business and/or in residential real estate transactions.
2: Drive, passion, and persistent results: more than half of real estate agents work on a part-time basis in Rhode Island.   While this works for them, it’s probably not the best value/results for you. Buying and selling a home is most likely the largest financial transaction you’ll make. You owe it to yourself and your family to choose your real estate agent based on passion, experience, dedication, and full commitment to your home-buying/selling success.


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